Mussels and Gueuze Lunch

Date: July 30th (Sunday) , 2023, 1PM-3PM
Venue: Lingua World Cafe
Capacity: 10 or more

Mussels to Gueuze.

Event information in English below the Japanese.

In this fun lunch meet the traditional Belgian pairing of gueuze and mussels will be served. No attendance fee is required, however I will charge 500yen for the gueuze used in cooking. Also I will bring a special bottle of lambic to share with participants.

ブーン グーズ マリアージュ パフェ 2018 375ml 1600円
ポテトフライ (ムール貝に相性が良くおすすめ)540円
Recommended menu is as follows:
Mussels (1 plate recommended for 2 people)- 1830yen
Boon Gueuze Marriage Parfait 2018 375ml – 1600yen
Potato Fries (recommended side for Mussels) – 540yen

お楽しみしております。See you there!

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